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One firm, two strategies:

Sterling Bridge Investment Partners (“Sterling Bridge”) is a diversified investment firm maintaining core competencies in real estate and private equity investment strategies from its offices in HoHoKus, New Jersey.

Our objective is to provide investors with a variety of choices when looking for an investment opportunity. We endeavor to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns driven by pragmatic investment analysis, thoughtful investment and exceptional execution. We strive to deliver outsized, cash-on-cash returns during the hold period and a remarkable total return profile. The priority is return of invested capital and then return on invested capital.

Strategy I: Real Estate Investments

Sterling Bridge focuses on ground-up development and rehabilitation of multifamily and mixed-use multifamily projects in the Eastern United States. Our real estate investment thesis runs the spectrum of core to opportunistic strategies. Our firm specializes in transitional, up-and-coming communities, bringing its creative and unique skill sets to exploit intrinsic asset value.

Traditionally known as an opportunistic and value-added owner/operator, the firm has evolved with the maturity and changing tastes of its client base; providing more variety with associated risk/return profiles that align with the investment goals of the most discerning and conservative investor.


Investors in commercial real estate should consider these different types of strategies and choose investments that match their preferences for investment timeline, relative level of risk and expected return.

Strategy II: Private Equity

The firm makes growth-oriented debt and equity investments in select private companies at a critical inflection point of the company’s growth trajectory. Sterling Bridge brings capital, strategy and operational rigor to bolster and support company management in achieving the company’s growth objective.


Sterling Bridge will make majority or minority investments in companies that have a typically robust growth profile. The firm can invest up to $5M. This profile includes the following attributes:

• Niche expertise • Brand relevance
• Superior execution • Hyper growth
• Passionate management • Excellent margin characteristics
• Untapped but addressable market • Strategic path to capital event


The firm will actively participate on the invested company’s board of directors’ regardless of its majority or minority position and will secure provisions favorable to the protection of the investment thesis and investors.


Sterling Bridge makes debt investments in companies where management has expressed a desire to retain their equity position while securing additional funding for growth.  Typically, Sterling Bridge will obtain a board of directors’ seat or observation rights in these circumstances with a combination of covenants and other security protections to manage the risk to our investors. We can fund up to $3 million dollars in these circumstances with duration up to three years. Personal guarantees from the principals of the business are required in all circumstances.

Sterling Bridge

Sterling Bridge